From the big deep heart of African Brazil, João do Boi (straw hat) and I (black hat) would like to welcome you to Salvador Central's hand-to-hand-powered music & otherwise discovery experience...

Canecutter in Bahia, BrazilPardal and Joao in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

You're on a 21st century cyber-version of pre-Civil War African Americans' underground "grapevine network", this particular grapevine exiting the ground in plantation country (without seeing João & family & friends in their quilombo — village founded by runaway slaves — in the @grapevinegroundzero clip above left — you won't really grasp the natal spirit behind this project) and winding its way around the world through all of the people you see below (including grapeviners in the second clip above).

The grapevine's construction was motivated by the fact that musicians like João et al are next to impossible to find if you're not in the same geographical/societal loops they're in. And this is true to one degree or another of ALL musicians who aren't highly promoted by monied corporations.

It was also motivated by the fact that although computer discovery algorithms are powerful, they can't step out of the paradigms they've been given (they're always about what you've heard before)...and by the fact that although assigned curators might be knowledgeable, they can't know everything. Do they know more than the musicians who live inside any given area of music?

The grapevine allows for OPEN music curation. It is the burgeoning crossroads of any number of musical universes linked by people to whom music is important. It is, ultimately, discovery by the most powerful and subtle software ever written: the collective human mind.

Our headquarters is Cana Brava Records in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. (David Dye of World Café / U.S. National Public Radio visited us here.)

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...Despite being home to some of the most gifted musicians on the planet, we are run on a frayed shoestring from a record shop in Brazil (we're about as far from Silicon Valley as you can get!). We DO appreciate any publicity, given that benefitting the network benefits those for whom the network was created.

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